Blood, Sweat & Cheer By Stephanie Britt

Stephanie Britt is a business owner, mother, coach and friend. She wants to empower women to be the best versions of themselves. Sports and specifically cheer is a large contributor to helping to shape young girls into who they are today. It teaches them discipline and how to be a world class athlete but also provides girls with character and essential life skills. Stephanie is convicted that her purposeful parenting of her own daughters to be  strong, independent, and competitive but also kind, happy, and humble helped shape them into champions in cheer and more importantly-LIFE!

Cheer Savannah Legacy

Stephanie Britt- cheer savannah building


Since the opening of Cheer Savannah in 2000, she has not stopped. The business has grown exponentially over these years and is not stopping. Stephanie Britt believes it is important in business to not always react but instead listen and pause. It’s crucial to take time to learn from previous mistakes, in order to avoid remaking them. There was a minimal amount of advertising that went into making the business successful. It took a lot of building relationships and winning but ‘word of mouth’ was Stephanie Britt’s primary source of marketing! Growing an empire took a lot of time and dedication! Stephanie Britt was doing that, while taking in an orphaned young boy  from a local boys’ home, growing up the young girls in her community, and simultaneously raising her own little champions!

Everyone has doubts about their success or growing their business, that is normal and natural. The important part is how people turn that doubt into their motivation to succeed. This is what fuels Stephanie Britt to get up every morning and give her 100% to her business, the kids in her care, her customers, her employees and most importantly her family.

Cheer Savannah is not only a cheer gym but a motivational place, that allows kids to grow into great members of society.

“The measure of ones GREATNESS is not the number of wins or servants accumulated, but by the number of children served and lives changed.”