owner and founder of Cheer Savannah, Inc., an all-star competition cheer gym, currently located in Pooler, Georgia. She began her business in 2000 when she and her family relocated to the area. Cheer Savannah has been named one of the top 25 gyms in the American Cheerleader Magazine. As a result, her business has grown to be extremely successful. Stephanie Britt is not only a business owner but also a mother to her three amazing kids! She continues to be there for them at every turn and give them the best life advice she can offer.

Her son Demarcus Dobbs played football at the University of Georgia. He also went on to play in the NFL for 7 years! Her daughter Southern was a Worlds finalist, state champion volleyball player, and now cheers for the University of Georgia! And there’s her youngest daughter Saylor, who will be attending Tulane University in the fall. She was a Varsity Fashionista, Worlds Finalist, state champion gymnast, and now an activist for women’s rights! Stephanie Britt has been busy mothering these three champions while coaching and mentoring hundreds of other little girls. She admits she has struggled with finding the right balance of juggling a family and career but believes that changing lives and influencing others is her purpose!

Cheer Savannah, Inc.

Stephanie’s business continues to grow today, and was the first Allstar cheer program in the Coastal Empire! Growing up, Stephanie Britt always had a love for the world of cheerleading. As her mother was a single parent, there was not always funds to allow her to participate in these kinds of activities. From then, she knew that she would have to do what she could to make her dreams a reality. Through taking various teenage coaching jobs and training herself, it helped prepare her to handle her business today.

At as early as 17 years old, Stephanie began her passion by running a small tumbling business out of her local rec department. She is extremely motivated to share her passion for cheer with everyone around her. From the move to Savannah, Georgia, she had the opportunity to help the cheer team at Calvary Day School. Competition cheer was something foreign to the Savannah area but Stephanie Britt was determined to make it known!

Stephanie Britt & Her Next Steps

Stephanie Britt’s continued devotion to her work has allowed her to be a part of moulding so many amazing young women into life champions. Her goal has always been to help partner with cheer moms to navigate the waters of all-star cheer and help them raise strong and confident daughters in a tough society.

Therefore, as she evolves with her goals and passions, Stephanie has decided to start her own Podcast “Blood, Sweat & Cheer”, is beginning her own blog and will eventually be writing her own book! Join the Empire of women who lean on each other to learn and empower the next generation of women to be winners in life!