Stephanie Britt has had a vast amount of experience going through life. It is important for everyone to share what they know and the expertise they may have. As a gym owner, mom, coach and friend to so many, she is constantly surrounded by people. Stephanie Britt realizes how powerful online tools can be and wanted to utilize them as best as possible. Therefore, she discovered the world of blogging. This avenue allows Stephanie to connect with people from all over the country and the world. It gives people the opportunity to find things that connect us to one another.


On Medium, she is able to reach a larger audience than before. For any cheer moms, regular moms, coaches, business owners or friend, Stephanie Britt can give you lots of great advice. As a mom, women are constantly looking for like-minded moms to share their own experiences with and gain some valid advice. It is comforting to know when women are able to help each other out in any ways necessary. It can be difficult at times, feeling a sense of overwhelming nature to perfect everything like a mom. Stephanie wants people to know, that is okay to not be perfect all of the time. It is okay to make mistakes and learn from them as you go. No one can give an exact guide on being the perfect mom but as long as your kids have your love and support, that is all you need to succeed.

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Stephanie Britt Discusses The Role of Parents in Helping Their Child Cheer in College

Cheerleading is a challenging sport, taking years of training and competing for cheerleaders to master the required skills. Those who want to get into cheerleading start joining a squad as early as elementary school and allow yourself time to move up to high school, and some even into college.

Stephanie Britt Shares Tips on Helping Your Kids Avoid Burnout

For some kids, the love affair they have with their chosen sports or activities never ends, granting them an endless reserve of motivation and drive to fuel their training. Many other kids won’t find things nearly as easy and may eventually reach the point of burnout, where the mere thought of taking part in yet another training exercise fills them with boredom or dread.

Stephanie Britt on Helping Daughters Turn Criticism into Success

Fair & reasonable criticism is necessary for children to become self-aware and independent. This allows them to set high standards, teaches them to compete, and become their best! However, critique without the necessary support can be detrimental to an individual’s self-esteem, leading to the internalization of constant negative thoughts.

Stephanie Britt on Signs Your Child is Being Bullied at School

Bullying refers to acts of unwanted aggression and is a behavior that is often repeated and habitual. With a perceived power imbalance, bullying can take multiple forms and is seen most frequently in educational settings and on social platforms. Recent studies show that over 70% of young people have witnessed bullying in their schools, and approximately 9% of students grades 6-12 have experienced cyber bullying.

Stephanie Britt on the Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Playing Sports

The benefits of playing sports for children go much farther than physical activity and improved cardiovascular health. Regular physical exercise battles feelings of anxiety and depression, fuels motivations, and enhances self-esteem. Likewise, being involved in a sport establishes a sense of community likewise, a team can function as an immediate friend group & become a source of emotional support.

Teaching your Child to be Coachable with Experienced Coach Stephanie Britt

When your child begins their first extracurricular activity, it can be a difficult transition watching another authoritative figure guide their progress. However, there are many steps parents can take to ensure their child thrives in an educational environment. Stephanie Britt is the owner and head coach of Cheer Savannah Inc.

How Parents Can Handle a Tough Coach According to Coach Stephanie Britt

We’ve all had that difficult mentor, someone who pushes you beyond your limits and isn’t willing to let you give up on yourself. But how do you know when a tough coach crosses the line? To go over everything coaching, we spoke with Stephanie Britt, owner and founder of Cheer Savannah Inc., an all-star competition cheer gym in Pooler, Georgia.