Stephanie Britt has taken on many ventures in her time as a business owner. Some brought her success and some became hurdles to overcome. She believes it is extremely important to learn from your mistakes and continue to better yourself. Not only has she been a successful business owner but a dedicated mom as well. Regardless whether it was cheer competitions or football games, Stephanie was there for it all! It can be difficult raising teenage kids in this generation, especially teenage girls!

Check out Stephanie, as she is a guest on “Take the Upgrade Podcast”. Click the link below to listen:

‎Take the Upgrade: 47. The effects of technology on our tweens and teens with Stephanie Britt on Apple Podcasts

‎Stephanie Britt is the owner and founder of Cheer Savannah and is one of Julie’s best friends. She is the mother of three and devotes her free time to intentional parenting and helping moms to raise champions. Steph shares how technology has changed teenagers and how they “grow up”.

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The goal of this podcast gives Stephanie the opportunity to share all she has learned about the cheer world and raising daughters. It will discuss tips from her experiences of having girls in the cheer world and their transitions into the College world. Even now, as she has raised her girls and they have gone off into their own adult world, she is reassessing the important things in life. She wants to be able to help other women going through a similar transition. Stephanie Britt wants everyone to realize that people go through times of struggle but is how they overcome the obstacles, that makes the difference in their life.  Therefore, if women are able to partner together and truly learn from each other, that is what it’s all about!

05- Tips On What You Need to Know About Being A Cheerleader in College

In this podcast of Blood, Sweat & Cheer, on July 11th, 2019, as the founder of all-star competition cheer gym, Cheer Savannah, Stephanie Britt talks about the challenges that come along with cheerleading. It takes years of training if kids what to excel in this sport.

04- Bringing Happiness to Your Athlete Everyday

In this podcast of Blood, Sweat & Cheer, on July 3rd, 2019, Stephanie Britt explains the importance of being intentional about your own happiness as a sports mom. And how happiness is all about perspective and discipline. Stephanie shares some personal tips that she used to find happiness, even in darks times and how she changed her daughter’s outlook from negative to joyous.

03 – Mental Blocks – When your athlete stops flipping

Stephanie Britt’s own daughter experienced and kicked a mental block in her cheering years. Stephanie has helped her own child and hundreds of athletes who all the sudden- would not go backward. Here’s what she wants you to know: The athlete wants to flip and doesn’t know why she can’t tumble.

02- Give Your Athlete the Most Opportunities!

In this episode of Blood Sweat & Cheer, on June 18th, 2019 Stephanie Britt talks very frankly about the recipe for giving your athlete the most opportunities in life. Which she feels is one of the most important roles as a mom. Here are some main tips she has learnt and wants to share with all of you!

01 – Introduction to Blood, Sweat & Cheer

Welcome to the Blood Sweat & Cheer Podcast! In the very first episode, Stephanie Britt, owner of Cheer Savannah Allstars, one of the best competitive cheer programs in the world, shares how she started her cheer gym that grew into an Empire!