Any advice you may need, Stephanie Britt wants to help! If it about being a mom, raising a family, running a business or being a coach- she is your go-to! It is comforting to know there are everyday people who go through similar experiences. She realizes that everyone can learn from mistakes made. Britt believes it is important to be there as a support system as well. Whether it was her children or kids she coached, she enjoys being there for them! Therefore, by having easy forms of communication, Stephanie can get responses almost immediately and will reply as soon as she is able to do so. If you have basic life or cheer questions, her expertise would be a definite asset to acquire.

Stephanie and her extensive knowledge for the cheer world, has made her advice really valuable. Both parents and students really look up to her. She wants to continue to build the Cheer Savannah, Inc brand to continue to put Savannah on the map. Her company is internationally known but still has its small-town roots. It reflects on the importance of helping others, teaching kids to grow and the creation of a strong family-like bond as well.


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